Oilfield & Refinery

Petrochemical products are among the most important building blocks for modern industry, and the processes of petroleum extraction and recovery; distilling and refining; and conversion to useful petrochemical products require a wide range of intermediate chemicals and raw materials.  FCI supplies many of these materials—from surfactants required for ground extraction to the actual finished petrochemical products—for use in other industries and applications.

During the extraction phase, FCI can provide barium sulfide, detergents, Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC), and other injection chemicals for petroleum recovery. During the intermediate stages, FCI can source chemicals like styrene, benzene, and acrylic acids. At the refinery level, FCI can source basic petrochemicals like petroleum solvents, alcohols, ethers and esters, lubricants, paraffin, petroleum pitch, and petroleum coke. Finally, during post-refining, FCI can supply synthetic resins, synthetic plastics, and synthetic rubbers.