About Us

First Continental International (FCI) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified global distributor that provides a variety of services including:

  •  Providing the most cost savings and best quality chemicals by reliably sourcing chemical raw materials at the lowest prices worldwide for the long term.
  •  Extensive supply services including local warehousing, repackaging, and delivery.
  •  Experienced consulting of developing market conditions and supply chain optimization.
  •  Specialized in sourcing materials in short supply or tight markets

Mission Statement

To give our customers a competitive edge in a globalizing market, we strive to be the most reliable source for consistent quality and supply, while offering steadfast customer service and competitive pricing.  Our win-win business solutions give our customers the confidence needed for long-term growth, cost efficiency, and success.

Quality Policy

As a service-driven supplier, FCI consistently provides quality products to our customers, ensuring on time delivery and overall service excellence, while meeting or exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers. FCI is committed to implementing, maintaining and enhancing our Quality Management System. We will establish quality objectives addressing risks and opportunities, and review these on an ongoing basis. Provision of the highest quality services will remain a robust goal at FCI.

Our Story

For over 20 years, FCI has gradually grown our capability and portfolio of products by establishing supply chain networks to provide our customers with access to many different chemicals raw materials.

Throughout our history, FCI has instituted competitive sourcing solutions for over 800 chemicals. During this time, we've gained valuable experience to successfully include:

  •  Extremely hazardous chemicals
  •  ISO-tanks inventory management
  •  Develop and customize chemistry abroad
  •  Establish brand new supply lines

The result is an ability to provide a strategic and economic advantage to producing, securing, transporting, and storing all types of chemicals for our customers.

Today, FCI regularly supplies 100-120 chemical raw materials to both large, famous brands and small-mid size companies with almost limitless opportunity for expansion.